Nalini' first US History glog!~Southwest Cultural Region

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American History

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Nalini' first US History glog!~Southwest Cultural Region

Made by: NaliniClass:8B

Tools(items used in daily life)

Clothing and Materials(types of things used to make clothing, etc.)

Types of Homes(what they lived in)

Main food sources (what they ate)

Main Geograpic Features(type of land)

Southwest Cultural Region

They lived in either:dome houses covered in bark and leaves-or-teepees made with bark, branches and leaves

People residing in the Southwest culural region ate mostly cultivated plants like nuts, seeds and berries. In this region there were many farmers.

In this region it is mostly desert, with canyons and little mountains to the west side of the region.

Since they mostly farmed in this region they used many tools like corn kernal scrapers and hoes.

The people of this region used mostly cotton, and variuos plant materials, but would occasionaly use animal hide and fur, when available.


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