Naked Egg lab

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Naked Egg lab


Our Question

PreLabstarch in baggie, egg in ethanol.

How will soaking my egg in 80% Sunny-D change the egg?

Hypothesis: If the solution increases, then the mass of the egg will decreases.

Independent Variable: concentration of Sunny-D.Dependent Variable: percent change in mass.Constants: plastic cups, scale, and tin foil.

Materials: -1 hard boiled egg naked egg-1 plastic cup-80% Sunny-D and 20% distilled water solution-scale/balance-permanent marker-aluminum foilProcedures:1. create a solution containing 80% Sunny-D and 20% distilled water.2. weigh naked egg.3. place egg inside of Sunny-D solution inside of a plastic cup.3. place aluminum foil over plastic cup.4. leave egg in cup over night.5 take egg out of cup, weigh the egg.6. calculate the change in mass.7. throw egg & cup in to the disposal, pour solution out into sink.

Class Data Table

Group data:


1) A. My hypothesis was was that if the concentration of the Sunny-D increased, the mass of the egg would decrease.B. My hypothesis was not supported.C. My mass increased form 74.4 to 88.8 instead of decreasing.2) A. one source of error was we should have dried the egg off before weighing it. B. The mass of the egg would have been less if we dried the egg off before weighing.3) A. We were learning about hypertonic and hypotonic solutions.B. It is important to understand the concepts because you havet o know how certain chemicals effect your body.C. We experience this concept in in our cells every day absorbing glucose into proteins.


Our Egg:


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