Naked Egg Lab Report

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Naked Egg Lab Report

Naked Egg Lab Report




Question: How will soaking my egg in 70% vegetable oil change the eggs?PreLab: When bag filled with starch was placed in cup filled with iodine, the iodine permeated through the bag and mixed with the starch. When the raw egg was put in ethynol, the raw egg was cooked.Hypothesis: If the percentage of vegetable oil solution increased, then the percent change in mass would decrease because the more solute you put into a solvent, the more water will exit the cell.

1. Hypothesis: a)Our hypothesis was if the percentage of vegetable oil increases than the percent change in mass will decrease because the more solute you put into a solvent, the more water will exit the cell which causes the change in mass to decrease. b) Our hypothesis was supported because as the percent of vegetable oil increased the percent change in mass decreased. c) Data from our lab proved that our hypothesis was correct. For example, 20% vegetable oil solution had a 19% change in mass while 60% had a 12.5% change in mass. Even though there are some exceptions such as 80% vegetable oil had a 19.6% change, the line of best fit is negative, showing percent mass decreased as percent of vegetable oil increased. 2. Sources of Error a) A source of error we could've had in this experiment would be not having the right concentration of vegetable oil (measuring incorrectly). b) This source of error contributed to inaccurate results because by measuring the amount of vegetable oil wrong, the concentration isn't correct which makes the percent change in mass wrong, so you wouldn't have accurate data.3. Everyday life or connection to class a) The topic we were learning in class that relates to this lab was the transport of molecules through the cell membrane. In our experiment the water moved into the egg making the solution hypotonic.b) It is important to understand this concept because it makes us aware of what's happening to the cells inside our body and molecules moving in and out of our cells.c) In our life we experience this concept in everyday activities such as drinking water or soda. When we drink lots of water, our cells take it into our cells through osmosis and they become hypotonic (like the eggs). When we drink soda, water molecules exit our cells and they become hypertonic.

by: Ami Jory and Mackenzie Giesel

Class data

Our data

Graph #1-Class Data

Graph #2-Comparison various solutes


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