Naked Egg Lab

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Naked Egg Lab

Naked Egg Lab

Our Question





What did we do?

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

I think that some water/vegetable oil will go in and out of the egg.

How will soaking the egg in vegetable oil change the egg?

IV: Percent of vegetable oil solutionDV: Percent change in massControl: Egg in oilConstant: The amount of solution, temperature, and type of egg.


What happened ' Why?

1a. Some water will go into the egg.1b. Our hypothesis was supported. 1c. The initial mass was 65.7g, and the final was 78g.2a. The marking/measuring of the vegetable oil might not have been entirely accurate.2b. We measured how much water had gone in/out of the egg only bye our eye. The calculations would've been different had we used a different, more accurate measuring tool.3a. We were learning about osmosis and diffusion.3b. It's important to understand this because it takes place everyday, all around us, and it is best to understand it.3c. In our cells, a sponge, and a cloud. The water goes into it, and water comes out.


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