Naked Egg Lab

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Naked Egg Lab

Naked Egg Lab

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What did we do?

My Hypothesis

What did I think would happen?

If 10% Sunny D solution is used to soak the naked egg, then the mass of the egg will increase because Sunny D is hypotonic.

1. Hypothesis:a. My hypothesis was that if I used 10% Sunny D solution to soak the naked egg, then the mass of the egg would increase because Sunny D is hypotonic.b. My hypothesis was supported because the mass of the egg did increase after being soaked in the solution.c. Before being soaked in 10% Sunny D solution, the egg weighed 66.8 grams. After being soaked, it weighed 79.0 grams.2. Sources of Error:a. The concentration of Sunny D was not exact. When I added tap water, I added too much and had to pour some out, which lost some Sunny D.b. This source of error contributed to inaccurate results because the percent change in mass may have been different.3. Everyday Life or Connection to Classa. We were learning about the difference between hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic solutions.b. This concept is important because it is useful to know how adding a solution to a cell will affect it before doing it.c. People who wear contact lenses need to use an isotonic contact solution. If they don't, they could hurt their eyes.

PreLab:We placed a bag of cornstarch and water in a beaker of iodine. The bag acted as a selectively permeable membrane by letting iodine into the cornstarch, but not letting cornstarch into the iodine. Also, we placed a raw egg into a beaker of ethanol. The ethanol completely cooked the egg because it is a hypertonic solution.Lab Procedures:1. Soak the egg in a beaker of vinegar until the shell is completely dissolved. Use a balance to record the mass of the egg.2. Take a graduated cylinder and measure 10 mL of Sunny D, then add 90 mL of tap water.3. Place the naked egg in a clear plastic cup, then add the Sunny D solution.4. Mark the meniscus of the liquid with a permanent marker on the cup. Cover the cup with aluminum foil and let it soak overnight.5. Uncover the cup and take out the egg. Record its mass with a balance and compare this mass to the previous mass.6. Repeat the experiment with different concentrations of Sunny D.


What happened & Why?

How will soaking my egg in 10% Sunny D solution affect the mass of the egg?

Independent variable: concentration of Sunny DDependent variable: percent change in massConstants: amount of solution, temperature, type of egg

Materials:1 graduated cylinder10 mL Sunny D90 mL tap water1 plastic cup1 permanent marker1 balance1 egg1 beaker of vinegar1 sheet of aluminum foil



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