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Social Studies
World War II

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Although the bomb failed by a considerable distance, it could devastate almost half of the city to fall to the side of the Urakami Valley, where the city was located. 75,000 of the 240,000 habitants of Nagasaki died instantly, followed by the death of a sum equivalent to illness and injury. It is estimated that the total death toll was more than 140,000 people, mainly civilians Mallorie.

World war II


On August 9, 1945 the second atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki. The U.S. bomber, "Bockscar" shipyard is looking for, but it found the Mitsubishi arms factory. on this objective, the bomber dropped the Fat Man atomic bomb, the second atomic bomb to be detonated over Japan and more powerful than Hiroshima.


The chaos and horror was similar to Hiroshima. The bomb exploded 500 meters from the original Urakami Cathedral, destroying it and killing those inside, so 14 years later in 1959 they rebuilt. Such was the stupefaction of the military and the degree of shock both civilian and military, that Nagasaki was not inspected until after a week, when the city was quiet and ossuary. Those who survived beyond the range of the bomb had to attend the waves of mostly serious injuries.

In this area the steel structures of concrete buildings were burned. Trees were ripped off from the ground and burned by the heat. Some people had burns all over her body, others lost their vision, but what caused impact were progressive deformation affecting the population, as these are not expressed in the act, but could years, months or weeks occur after detonation.

before the bomb:Japan surrendered five days after this destruction.After the war the city was rebuilt, but extensively modified. New temples and churches were built, as the Buddhist presence never disappeared and even won a membership during the war. Some of the rubble was left intact in memory and new buildings for the same purpose, such as the atomic bomb museum rose. Nagasaki is still a port city with a rich shipping industry and is also a strong example of perseverance and peace.




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