Nagasaki: Torn World

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Social Studies
World War II

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Nagasaki: Torn World

Nagasaki was a small city in Japan that was hit by a nuecler bomb know as Fat Man. This incident happened due to the swift dessicions of American leaders wanting to end the war quickly. The only other option was to invade by land. The nuecler bombs were made during a secret goverment project know as the Manhhatan Project.

Leaders on Both Sides

-Estimated 64,000 Deaths-95% of Deaths due to Burns -Almost 20,000 Buildings Destroyed -About 24,700 killed each mile

Japan...Suzuki - Emperor of JapanSugiyama - Leader of IchigayaTogo Hajme - Imperial GuardHirohito - Friend to SugiyamaUnited States...Truman - President of AmericaKermit - Flyer of PlaneBehans - Radar Watcher

Fat Man

Uranium 235 Plutonium Plane used - Enola Gay

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Nagasaki: Torn World



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