NA of the Southwest

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NA of the Southwest

Native Americans of the Southwest

Natural Resources-Water was found in rivers or in wells dug deep underground.-Animals were used for food and clothing.-Tools were made of rocks.-Mud or clay baked in the sun made blocks or walls for homes.

The climate in the Southwest is very warm to hot in the day and cool to cold at night. It rains very little in the desert.

There were many tribes that lived in the southwest United States Some were the Apache, Comanche, Hopi, Mohave, and Navajo.

Hogans were one type of home made by the Southwest Native Americans. These homes were made of wooden posts and sticks that were covered in mud.

Sand paintings were used to heal the sick. A medicene man made a sand painting on the floor of a home if someone was sick. He knew chants and prayers that were meant to heal the sick.

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