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- also known as Plasmodial Slime Molds- move by amoeboid movement- live in decayed wood, decaying plant material and moist soil- get energy from bacteria and decaying matter through phagocytosis (cell eating)- reproduce by spores- plasmodium lacks cell walls- develops delicate ornate fruiting bodies- form spores with cellulose cell walls- harmless/no effect on humans

Myxomycetesmyxo = slime; myco = fungus)

1. Fruiting body - spore - single uninucleate (single nucleus) myxamoeba2. Amoeboid motion, ingests food 3. Reproduces asexually, mitosis and cytokinesis - when free water is available - flagellated swarm cells4. Zygote - different mating strains have come into contact with one another5. mitotic divisions - plasmodium6. When conditions are bad the plasmodium forms a protective, brittle layer and becomes dormant7. plasmodium - fruiting body - forms spores

exhibit characteristics of both protozoans and fungi500 species discovered1-2 mm tall - can be seen with the naked eye

Spore releasing myxamoeba (uninucleate)


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