Mythology Project: Russian Culture

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Mythology Project: Russian Culture

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The traditional Russian culture consisted of many things, such as:1.Warm, dry summers and eight biomes, as well as mountains, seas, and rivers2.They valued justice and the absence of individual freedom.3. Their religion is Orthodox Christianity.4. Their culture came from the East Slavs.

The oldest slavic myths say that in the beginning, nothing existed but old dark, dark sea and sky. One other existing thing was the god Rod's World-Egg, which carried Svarog, the divine creator. Under the influence of life forces, the egg cracked, revealing Svarog. From the egg came light, which made a shadow, from which Crnobog came from. The light also cast a glare on the Svarogos old sea, which created the god of water, Vodan. From the top egg shell dust, the World Tree, Ash Tree was created. It separated Earth from the heavans. his crown made the world of the gods, Nav. Svarog and Crnobog were a force with no form, so they created counterparts, in which they were counterparts of the world. Using gold powder from the bottom of the Earth and fire, Svarog made the moon and sun. From the lower half of the egg shell, Svarog made the creatures of earth.

Kutkh is the russian trickster. He is a raven spirit and plays key roles in many russian legends, such as the creation. In other stories, he is a shaman and in others still, he is a trickster. He is important in the mythology of the Koryaks and the Itelmens of Kamchatka.


Creation Summary



I am Perun, god of thunder and cheif god.

Did you know Russia has more land than any other country?

Svarog, the smith god

Rod, the creator of all

Crnobog, the black god

A Zmay, a three headed Slavic dragon.


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