Mythology Project: Germanic, Anglo-Saxons

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Mythology Project: Germanic, Anglo-Saxons

Germanic/ Anglo-Saxons Mythology By Abby Kerbyson

Beliefs:* Anglo-Saxons were superstitous people*They believed in 'lucky charms' that would keep evil spirits away and sickness*These lucky charms included magic rhymes, potions, rocks or jewels Climate*Steady rainfall most of the year*Some snow but uncommon on higher ground*Lots of lot of rolling hills and low mountains to the NorthFood:*They grew wheat and rye for bread*They also grew carrots, parsnip, cabbages, peas, beans, onions, apples, cherries and plums.*Pigs were important because they produced large litters that would grow fast and then be ready for slaughter*All the other animals served other purposes and were only killed if old or ill*Sheap were reared for their wool and meat while cows were used for their milk and, when they were old, hides, meat and glueShelter:* Their houses were mainly made of wood with a thached straw roof*The houses were built facing the sun so they would get as much heat and light possible*The windows were slit called eye-holesClothing:*Their clothes were made out of three fabrics: wool, linen and silk*Slaves and poorer pheasants wore wool*Linen was made for richer pheasants and those above them in social hierarchy*Silk clothing was only worn by the rich

Woden: Cheif of the Anglo-Saxon gods. He was the god of wisdom but associated with death and war (God)Bewulf: The hero of many Anglo-Saxon stories. He was humble, honorable and coragous (Hero)Barghests: evil creatures that apear as huge black dogs. They move siliently and some can shape shift. These creatures are often linked to certain roads or locations near water (Creature)little tailor: A trickster who pretended he was a mighty war hero that killed seven with one blow but really he was just a tailor who had killed seven bees (Trickster)Wayland the Smith: He was captured by the swedish king Nidud and forced to work as a smith. He escaped by magical flight (Hero)Frigg: Was the goddes of love (Goddeses)

Trickster/ gods and goddesses/Heroes


There once was a chaotic place named Ginnungagap. From this mess emerged life in the form of a giant. His name was Ymir and when he slept the sweat from his left armpit created the first woman while his legs gave birth to a son. Meanwhile iceburgs on Ginnungagap continued to melt intill Adumbla the cow imerged. Adumbla fed Ymir the giant while she sustained herself by licking the ice. One day a man named Buri appeard and married the first woman Bestla. They had three sons, Odin,Vili, and Ve. They had a raging hatred toward Ymir and plotted his death. The world was fashioned out of Ymirs body. From Ymir's flesh they made the earth, from his unbroken bones they made mountains and his broken bones made rocks. Ymir's blood made rivers, lakes and oceans. Maggots grew from Ymir's rotting flesh and were turned into dwarfs. Dwarfs were placed on each of the four coners to watch over the earth. Ymir's skull created the sky while his brains made the clouds. Odin,Vili, and Ve then stole glowing embers and created stars. A man named Mundilfari was known to have a son and daughter named Moon and Sun that were said to have radiant beauty. So Odin snatched them and put them in the sky.


Creation Summary

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Simarlarities: *Main charachter is both named Cinderella*Both Cinderallas loose their shoe when running way* In both stories Cinderlla has some kind of magical fairy godmother*In both stories Cinderella is the servant for two spoiled older sistersDifferences: *In the german version the fairy godmother is a tree*In the german version Cinderella looses her shoe because somone put glue on the stairs she was running down*In the german version the sisters actually cut off their toes and heels to fit their feet in the shoe*In the german version the shoe was made of gold not glass

Compare and Contrast Cinderella


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