[2014] appsychologysidney: Mystique With Dissociative Identity Disorder

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[2014] appsychologysidney: Mystique With Dissociative Identity Disorder

Mystique with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Prevalance1 in 3 people have Dissociative Identity DisorderA person living with DID may have as few as two alters or as many as 100

CourseWhen Mystique was younger she suffered through severe physical, emotional, and sexual abuse causing her to create multiple personalities to help her forget about her past experiences as Raven Darkhome.

Symtoms Sometimes Mystique sleep walks and can't remember any of her actions from the night before.Mystique often gets random mood swings which causes her to do irrational things and make bad decisions.

Etiology Mystique's abuse as a child was so severe that it affected her all throughout early adulthood. She progressively came up with different personalities to mask the harsh memories of her past.

Psychotherapy is one of the main treatments for DID, helping the person with this disorder improve with having relationships and also helps with getting back in touch with feelings and experiences from their past.Medication can be used to balance the chemicals in the brain that could've been released in excessive amounts when Mystique experienced extreme traumatic events as a child.


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