Mystery of The Bog Bodies

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Mystery of The Bog Bodies

The Bog Bodies

-they were extremely well preserved ancient corpses that have been discovered in peat bogs of Europe. -they were found in various states

The oldest of the Bog Bodies dates from around 8000 BC and the youngest from early medieval times. The clothing found on some of these bodies is preserved perfectly with them. This tells us a lot about the clothing of their time.

-Others are partially preserved and still hold clues as to who they were and how they died.

-Some are only skeletons and can only reveal a limited amount of information to scientists.

-There are, also, those that have been completely preserved with their clothes still intact and their face expressions the same as they had been when they were buried.

Though it is important to note that they were not actually buried; they were placed in the bog water and usually covered with branches. They have been turning up for some time and no one is sure how many may have been found and discarded in the past, today documented discoveries of Bog Bodies number around 700.

The body of a sixteen-year-old girl was found in Holland. She probably died between 170 BC and 230 AD. Her body showed signs of strangulation. The rope she was strangled with is still around her neck.

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