Myself as a Writer

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Myself as a Writer

How did you learn to write?Although I do not remember learning to write, I am the product of a teacher so I am sure it was earlier than some of my peers

What is the first text you remember writing?As bad as it sounds, the first text I remember writing was copying words out of the Dick and Jane books onto a very detailed lined paper. I’m sure I excelled at it.

Tell us about the first piece of your own writing you can remember being proud of.My first piece of writing I remember being proud of was my fourth grade published book. Yes, I, Rebecca Stone, am a published author. I couldn’t tell you what is in my first novel but I can tell you it’s somewhere in my house.

Rebecca Stone

Do you enjoy writing now that you are an adult? Why do you think you do/do not enjoy it?High school and now college has definitely gotten me to really hate writing. I was in AP English classes in high school so I was used to writing about books that I read and somehow connecting them to a literacy tool (symbolism, theme, etc…). When I went into college, it was the exact opposite. I actually had to do research on things that I didn’t care about at all or wasn’t relevant to me. I have often thought about starting a journal either online or handwritten but I always find an excuse not to go to the store to get one.

Have you ever read a book that inspired you & made you want to write? If so, tell about it. If not, explain why you think this has not happened.I can talk all day about reading. I would much rather call myself a reader than a writer. A book that, although it doesn’t inspire me to write but makes me appreciate writers of all genres is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Bradbury’s book is one of my all-time favorite books because it makes me think about being in that kind of world. What if all books were banned? Would that make writing obsolete? A movie that made me think about starting to keep a journal of some sort is Stuck in Love. If you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to do so. It makes me see how journaling strengthens young writers’ skills.

Has your writing style changed over time? Explain.Middle was probably my peak writing years. I had language arts teachers really work with me to perfect my writing, think about what I want to say to my audience, and to be creative with it. However, high school changed my structure of writing to an A+B=C format.

Did you enjoy writing when you were a child? Why do you think you did/did not enjoy it?I like to think I liked writing when I was a child because I remember doing a lot of it.

What (if anything) do you enjoy writing now that you are an adult?I think I would enjoy creative writing if I had the time to do it. Between work, school, and trying to spend time with my family, I rarely have time for much else.

Which strategies used by teachers did you find most helpful as a child?Some strategies that helped me when I was young to write was just letting me write whatever I wanted even if it made no sense what so ever. My teachers didn’t try to correct my thought process, which was beneficial.

Were there any strategies used by teachers that you found to be unhelpful?I remember clearly one of my teachers give my class the same prompt on Mondays for an entire semester. You want to know what that prompt was?! “What did you do this weekend?” How many times could I write that cleaned my house on Saturday and took a nap after church on Sunday without getting fed-up? The answer: three times. Needless to say, recycling prompts to students is not helpful.

What (if anything) did you enjoy writing as a child?I enjoyed making up my own stories when I was a child. Using things I saw around the room and putting them together in a story that probably didn’t make much sense to the average adult was my thing.

How will your past writing-related literacy experiences relate to you as a teacher? (This should be woven throughout.)As a teacher I hope I remember all the things I hated about writing as a child; but I also hope I remember all the wonderful things I loved about it. I never want a student to become bored with writing because it provides a great outlet for letting feelings and creativity out. As I read about the strategies for writing in our 6 + 1 books, the more excited I get about teaching writing.

Writing sample of me trying to help my dad go to Africa through oranges. Click on picture.

What writing-related literacy events stand out in your life?One of my best friends is a writer! This past winter he had his first book published and he asked me to be the first one to read his manuscript. This event stands out to me because I am proud to be able to say that I personally know an accomplished writer; however, his style of writing is nothing compared to my published book.



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