Myetta Mclendon

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Myetta Mclendon

Myetta Mclendon

my favorite male singer is Sam Smith.

My favorite part of a oreo is the cream

my favorite video game is the sims 4.

I love milk chocolate!

Iove playing video games!

Myetta reserved, impatient, and lazy I love my family and friends I have felt joy, pain, and grief my accomplishment in life is having all A honor roll what I want to happen later on in my life is to play video games for a living I was born in Tallahassee Fl Mclendon

I love ballet.

my favorite cookie is chocolate chip.

My favorite song is Single Ladies by:Beyonce

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  • BulldogScholars 6 years ago

    BulldogScholars's avatar

    Myetta, I love Beyonce/ Destiny's Child! "Say My Name" was my favorite song for a long time, but I do love "Single Ladies." What a great voice! I think it's awesome that you enjoy video games, and I know a few people that I went to college with that test video games for a living and make a killing doing it! :-) Your project has me craving chocolate chip cookies!