My year 6 camp

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My year 6 camp

Today we are going home but first we whent to the Armadale reptile centre and got Mc donalds for lunch and left to go back home.

Today we did archury and rock climbing, we whent to bounce in cannington and that night we had a bonfire and played some music, early in the morning we whent for a walk on the baech.

Today we whent to Parliament house and got to sit in the lower and upper house, we had a packed lunch at Kings park and whent to Scitech, that night we did the Fremantle Prison tour.

Today we whent to the fremantle literacy centre,Hoyts cinema to whatch insideout than we whent to the maratime museum and that night we had a quiz nioght and whent to bed.

Today we arived at school at 8:00 to get on the bus to go to camp,when we got there we had to pick our bed and than go to the big green shed to do crate tower building.


my year 6 camp




For my year six camp I went to Point Peron Camp in South Fremantle.




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