My vision board

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Language Arts

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My vision board


How I see Myself

I was born in to a military family,with that being said I moved a lot. As many would know moving schools as a child is very difficult and isolating.I am a quite person naturally it didnt bother me much.I now have many hobbies, that I realise come from my isolation as a child, like reading, writing and my intrest in osteology(the study of bones) or in case collecting them.

I am a very devoted partner and have been for going on 5 years now with my boyfriend Kyle. Our relationship is very important to me as well as the other relationships in my life, like my family. Those around me see me as dependible and worthy of their candour.

My family is very against the current gender driven culture we curently live in, so my sister an i have been raised to fight againts gendernorms and standards. With this upbringing I am always aware of the way I speak to and treat people. I am also driven to do as I please despite gender roles placed on me.

How Others see me


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