My Utopia

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My Utopia

Trade*In my world, traders'll be fair and they'll not make mistakes knowlingly.*They'll not be enemies each other.*They'll not tell lies for selling their products.

Education*In my world, education'll be really important and it'll be so technological.*In every school, education'll be the same and it'll not about only their own country's education, so it'll be the worldwide education.*Given education'll be creative and interesting. Also, it'll not exhaust for the students.

Families*Families'll not so big in my world.*In families, children'll be really happy and adults'll not be bad parents for them.*Every house, there'll be just one family, there'll not grandparents, or aunts, or uncles.*The responsibilities will divide fairly to every family member.

My Utopia!

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Farming*In my world, people'll be fed with farm products, because of this they'll be so healthy.*The soil'll be productive, because people'll take the products from the soil.*Farmers' pay'll be more, because they'll work very hard and this'll be fair.

Government*In my world, that country's people'll govern their country, so they'll be goverment.*Rules'll be very strict for criminals. If they have a big crime, its penalty'll be so terrible.*No one or nothing'll not be superior than others, every person'll have the same rules.

Religion*In my world, people'll be free about their religion.*Nobody'll not judge people with their religion, because this'll be their choices.*People'll not be differential, they'll be respectful.

Transportation*In my world, transportation vehicles'll not use gas, so they'll not be harmful for air.*There'll not air pollution, people'll generally use improved bicycles.*There'll be more improved high-speed trains and people'll travel with them.

Science*People'll always try to develop something.*Everyone in the world'll be informed about new things, discoveries, and innovations.*Everyone'll have enough opportunities for to do something about science.


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