My Unsung Hero

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My Unsung Hero

My Unsung HeroPastor Billy Roy

Pastor Billy is the most honorable and respectable man I have ever met. He gives his time and devotion to selflessly provide for others, and to spread God's message.

When my mom married my stepdad we had to move. I was eight at the time, and it had just been me and my mom for so long. It was a major change and I could not sleep in my own room once we moved. I slept on the floor in Hannah's room for a whole year. Counseling was not working so we tried a different route. I began meeting with Pastor Billy twice a week. He took me out for ice cream, and gave me spiritual advice. After only a few weeks, he helped me get over my fear. I have not been afraid to sleep in my room since then.

Whenever someone in the church is sick, Pastor Billy always goes to see them immediately. It does not matter how busy he is. Pastor Billy will always be there to guide you, and to help you get through your hardships. He spreads God's message every time he is presented with the opportunity. He is the man who introduced me to Christ, and he is the man who baptized me.

When a few people in the church were not fulfilling their duties, he stepped in and did what needed to be done. He gave up television and other commodities in order to provide for the church. He sacrificed his wants to fulfill the needs of others. He is a humble man that I revere.

Pastor Billy has guided me in my faith for eight years now. I do not know where I would be if I did not know him. He built the foundation of my faith that I will continue to build on for the rest of my life. He changed my life, and I will forever be grateful to him for that.

ReactionWords cannot express the joy that this brought me. I am so proud of the young lady that you have grown to be. Guiding you in your relationship with Christ has been an honor for me. God called me to spread his word, and I am glad that I was able to share it with you. This made my night. It feels good to see that there are people who still belive in me after everything that has happened. I am so proud of you and I am glad that I can be your hero!


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