My Understanding of Aging

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My Understanding of Aging

My Understanding of AgingBy: Lisa Colip

Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it.Clint EastwoodAging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it!Clint Eastwood

What I learned....This class has taught me to look differently at the elderly and what they face in today's world. Increased living expenses, increased healthcare costs, and decreased income are some of the main problems our aging adults face. Gero 301 also gave me insight on the dilemmas that the elderdly face.

If I was 75....The information I learned will be useful to me when I turned 75. This information actually starts now and saving money/retirement to help pay for expenses later in life. I know that Medicare only pays 80% of the cost of healthcare services leaving the elderly with the 20% difference. This is allow me to be financially prepared for the cost of living and the cost of healthcare

Why is this Important?This is important because when I age my body will take on several physical changes. Natural deterioration will cause the increased need for healthcare. If our elderly people cannot afford to take care of themselves then we will end up making them choose between basic necessities Also if we can prevent alot of these chronic illnesses with prevenative care (Moody & Sasser).

I can use this...As a nurse I will be able to use this information to help my elderly clients. When being discharged from a hospital, clients may need to have prescriptions filled and as a nurse I maybe able to find them the best price. Also getting them with a financial advisor so they are able to assess all of their needs in addition to healthcare.

What I wished I learned..I wish we would have went into more detail on what we can do now to prevent the diseases and aging process as we age. Exercise not only physically but mentally and spiritually too. I would also would have like to learn about proper preperation financially as we age and types of savings we should be doing as young adults.


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