My trips around Europe

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My trips around Europe

My Trips Around Europe

... London (2x)London is a very nice city and both times I went there in early summer.

Where have I been travelling?I have been in...

...France (5x)I have been in Nice and in Paris. Both places are beautiful.Nice is more a beach place and Paris is a city destination.

...Poland (2x)I visited in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. I have been there in summer and in winter.

...Estonia (many times)I have been in many places in Estonia because I have been there in "road trips". (for example Tallin, Pärnu, Otepää, Tartu, Rakvere)

...Italy (2x)I have visited in Milan, Naples, Capri, and cities of Positano and Sorrento in Amalfi coast. I also saw Vesuvius in Naples.

...Spain (1x)When I was in Spain I was in Barcelona.That was a nice beach and city trip. It was really hot in there.

...Sweden (many times)I have only visited in Stockholm. I like Stockholm because it is likeHelsinki but bigger.

Watch where I want to go next!

...Monaco (1x)I was there when I went to Nice. There were sunny beaches.



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