My trip to Poland

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My trip to Poland

From January 22 to January 29, few of my classmates and I have visited Poland, our partner country in Project Plan your success. We have met a lot of new friends and visited many great places, such as the historical city of Lublin and the Polish capital Warsaw. We were staying in the small town Łęczna. We spent most of our time in the primary school Pope John Paul II. We had a lot of workshops there with our teacher mentors. We learnt a lot of interesting things there. We also had a "treasure hunt" with QR codes. During our tour around Lublin we saw an old printing office which is now a museum. We also saw the Lublin Cathedral. The day before last we headed west towards Warsaw. There we visited the Olympics Museum and the Copernicus Museum. We also visited The Palace of Science and Culture, which is one of many skyscrapers there. It was a beautiful experience and I would like to return in Poland. Made by: Dino Islamović, 7.e

My trip to Poland


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