[2015] Tammy Donald: My Trip To Berlin

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[2015] Tammy Donald: My Trip To Berlin

12/1/2016Today we visited Reichstag dome for a spectacular view over the hustle and bustle of the city. In closed in this dome are lots of government and parliamentary buildings so it was really cool and ‘important’!! This was really fun and I had a great day (except it was grey skies and freeeeezing cold…brrr!...I wonder if Germany is always like this) and I think I’m going to love my holiday in Germany! :)

13/1/2016Brandenburg gate is awesome!! It is just so epic…I could have just stayed and looked at it all day. Did you know this wall has over 200 years of history!! And it is now a real cool symbol of unity in berlin :) We had currywurst (Adalbert’s favourite) for lunch today…nicest sausage and sauce I have ever tasted!! Think I should live in Germany!! Expect it was even colder today…brrrr…around 0° C. Leeton never gets this cold :(

19/1/2016I went to a UNESCO world heritage site today. That sounds cool but it was actually really boring…maybe I shouldn’t say that. It was just like all museums and boring stuff like that. And what’s more it was cold and raining and I didn’t enjoy lunch :( But anyway…you can’t always have fun…I bet tomorrow will be epic!!







I’m in Germany!! It is so cool. Can’t believe I’m actually here! Been texting my friends flat out :) Arrived at my host’s house about 12: 00 pm. Their names Adalbert and Gisela and they have one girl, Maria. I love this family…great hosts…awesome fun!!

15/1/2016Today we went to the Gendarmenmarkt…it was really fun. The forecast of today sounded really scary - cloudy with moderate to severe freezing rain…but it turned out just to be normal rain….so I coped!! Guess it wasn’t the best day to be outside but I really enjoyed myself. I’m just ready for bed…so much walking :( Yawn

14/1/2016I went to Berlin television tower today…known by the locals as Fersehturum (I’m slowly picking up some words!!) It is like the tallest building in Berlin reaching --- wait for it!! --- 368m tall!! In there you can get a 360° panorama of the city :) Cool eh?? It was warmer today…had risen a couple of degrees but still very cloudy. Maybe we’re in for some rain

Day 4 :)

16/1/2016Adalbert, Gisela and myself (Maria had to had to help a friend with something today) went to the Berlin cathedral today…or should I say Berliner Dom?? It was such a magnificent site built in the 19th century!! we also went to the Catholic cathedral (on the side of berlin’s boulevard) and then topped the day off at the ‘German Historical Museum’ where we even had some more currywurst for lunch!!

Day 3 :)

17/1/2016Today was great fun!! But I’m glad I have lots of money…maybe I don’t any more :( In between the little splats of rain, me and Maria walked down Kurfurstendamm…or as the locals say Ku’damm which is the expensive address in the city!! And home to the most exclusive brands :)

Day 6 :)

Day 2 :)

Day 7 :)

Day 1 :)

Day 5 :)

18/1/2016What an epic day!! Walking through the palace gardens of Charlottenburg palace just next the river…and the sun was shining! How much better can it get?? This palace hosts fine collections of china and paintings which is really awesome! And what’s more I had Wiener schnitzel which has got to be the nicest food yet :)

Day 8 :)

20/1/2016Went to the Berlin wall Memorial and Documentation Centre today. It was like seriously cooool :) It has added a bit of History to my trip….least I will know something when I get back to school!! We had a really nice lunch today. It was called something like Kraut Bierock…have to get a German restaurant in Leeton

Day 9 :)

Day 10 :)

21/1/2016It snowed today!!! So exciting :) Adalbert did have in mind to go to Potsdamer Platz but on our way there it started sleeting. Pretty soon it was snowing heavily and we decided it was no point going to Potsdamer Platz. So we up to a great ski slope, did a bit of sledging, building snowmen!!, etc.….then had a nice warm German Rouladen and headed home. A great way to end an AWESOME trip...

Day 11 :)



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