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My Travel Report

Did you know that over 15 million visitors go to Venice each year?Venice is a long canal that is used olmost like a road, just with boats.I would want to go to Venice because i love boating, and in Venice you ride a boat olmost everywhere.

Hawaii is an Island Located in the United states. The hottest month in Hawaii is August when the avereage temperature is 80 degrees, the coldest month is Janurary where the temperature is avereaged at 73 degrees.

Did you know that Mount Everest is 29,029 ft tall.?In January the temperatures can drop all the way to -76 degrees f.I am not a huge fan of climbing, but i would like to se the view and walk up it a little bit.

Greece is a small country located in Europe. In Santorini Greece there is a beach with black sand. I would want to go to Sparta Greece, because it is where my great grandpa grew up.Other than family history I would love to see the beautiful medditeranian sea, and visit art museums.

The 1050 ft tall Eiffel tower took 2 years, 2months, and 5 days to build. I would love to try new food and see the great view from the Eifel tower.

I would love to visit art museums, ride a water taxi, and see all of the beutiful veiws in Greenland.

I would want to go to Hawaii becaused I have always wanted to go to go to a beach where I can look down and see my feet through the waterI think Hawaii is an amazing, relaxing, and tropical place to go.

Our first stop


My Travel Report

Mt. Everest

The Canals in Venice



Photos of Venice

The northern lights can be seen in Greenland on clear nights all throughout the year. 85% of Greenland is covered in ice, I would love to see all of the snow and ice there.

The Eiffel Tower



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