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My Teaching Philosophy


Kindergarten is such a pivotal grade for child development; children are building upon their language skills, learning to read and write, and beginning to learn social etiquette. A truly extraordinary kindergarten educator will teach children how to express themselves both in their writing and though everyday interactions; they will teach respect, give encouragement, inspire creativity, create challenging, worth-while lessons, set goals, understand that all students learn differently, and preach to students that they should always follow their dreams.

I want to create a strong bond with each and every one of my students.I hope to learn about each of my students individually in an effort to help them make connections to the real world when they are in the classroom. I want to create a comfortable and welcoming classroom environment so that my students feel comfortable sharing with me and their peers.

My Goal:

My Teaching PhilosophyBy: Brianna Santowski

Personal Beliefs:

I will continue to take in each and every experience I get in the classroom, asking for advice, and considering multiple perspectives. I hope to collaborate with other educators in an effort to make rich lessons and to continue my professional development. I will create a dynamic learning environment and encourage interactions. I will empower my students to believe in themselves, challenge my students, and encourage questions.


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Teaching young children is not a cut and dry profession; it takes time, patience, passion, and commitment. Teaching is a 24 hour, 7 days a week kind of commitment; you never truly stop being a teacher.

Building Brains Together:

Something to ponder:


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