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My Story Kimberly Kohnert

Rocket Ship @NASA

In October 2014 I attended an internship at NASA where I recieved a week long training on integrating NASA materials and information into the STEM classrooms. It allowed me the opprtunity to gain pedagogical and content-based training both online and in person at Johnson Space Center. The opportunity was amazing, life changing, and the resources made avaliable to me will help me greatly during my teaching career.

My name is Kimberly Kohnert and I am thrilled to be your Clinincal Teacher for the Fall semester! Just so you know a little about me, here is a small introduction. I was born and raised in San Antonio. I have been part of the Northside family my entire educational career. I graduated from Stevens High School in 2011 and then attended college at the Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio. I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics so that I can teach high school math, prefferably Geometry! My favorite colors are red and purple and I love all kinds of music!

My Story: Kimberly Kohnert

My high school AVID teachers were the people who really inspired me to become a teacher. The love and support that they showed not only me but all their students made me want to have that kind of effect on the world. They pushed their students with tough love and also made lessons fun and engaging. They are the type of teachers I hope to be like when I start my job as an educator.

This video is an example of why I love teaching and the kind of activities I want for my students. I believe that the more engaged and fun the students are having in the classroom, the better they will learn mathematics. As a teacher I would love to break the stereotype that math is boring and that they will never use it in real life.


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