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My Story

The Pardoner's Tale is a story of three men who go off in search of death to kill him so they can avenge the death of a friend and anyone else death has betrayed. After a few drinks they meet an old man who advises them how to find death. The men go to the location and find gold, forgetting of their previous objective. They end up killing each other out of greed with nobody getting the gold and in turn they all "find death"

The Moral of the Pardoner's Tale is the evil that is money and desire

There are literal boatloads of irony in the Pardoner's Tale. Two Major examples include; the men set off to find death and end up dying in the process and the Pardoner warns against greed, yet the institution he works for, the Catholic Church is in the business of greed through extortion (ex. indulgences).

The Old Man is a mysterious character who advises the men how to find death, and can be interpreted in many way, I see him as the devil, tricking these men into their demise.

The Pardoner is in the business of selling indulgences for the Catholic Church and lives quite hypocritically for his vocation. He is a bit of a drunkard and likes to embellish stories.



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