My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper

AutobiographyHaving twenty-three novels, Jodi Picoult is known as a bestselling author. She is apart of the Writer's Concil for the National Writing Project. Jodi is a producer of the Trumbull Hall Troupe, which is a theater group located in New Hampshire. Picoult studied creative writing at Princeton, with another author named Mary Morris. Along with her many novels, Jodi Picoult also wrote five issues of Wonder Woman. All of her books have been translated into serval different laguages, and many have been made into movies.


AnnaIn the begining, Anna Fitzgerald starts the book off with the morbid thought that would occur to her as a young child of wishing death upon her sister. Picoult presents Anna as the forgotten child that is used to help her cancerous sister surive the surgiers. There comes point when everything is just too much for Anna, the decision to hire an autorney to get her body rights back came as a surprise to most of her family. Campbell Alexander, Annas' lawyer, was skeptical of taking her case because of her age and the fact that it was a detachment from her family. As the book continues, there is an interanl conflict with Anna and going against her mother in the trail. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, but being pushed aound isn't an option anymore.

JesseA troubled teen, loving brother, and wild son, Jesse has a rough life trying to fit in with his family. He is the kind of boy that likes to start fire, literally, a pyromaniac that brings down building in flames. His father, Brian, fights fires, and learns about his sons devistating way to cope with stress from the family. Even though he disappointed his father, Jesse knows that he still loves him. There is regret between the two for lack of communication, but the bond can only get stronger.

CampbellCampbell Alexandar is Anna's lawyer, even though he was hesitant at first to become her atorney. With not much to offer beside cleaning his office, Campbell decided to take the case in hopes it would bring in other buisness. Little did he know that he would grow fond of Anna, and think of her as a close friend that helped him through many rough times, He has a dog that helps him when he is about to have an epileptic seizure. No one knew about the problem he was facing pretty much on his own, but when Anna found out it brought the two closer together.

BrianThe father, loving husband that has his wife's back, and the fire fighter. His job is to save lives and burning buildings, but when Sara calls him for any Kate related emergency, he is on the scene within minutes. Brian supports everyone in his family one hundred precent. He makes sure that Anna is okay when something seems off, and he is there for her when she wants to claim her body back.

SaraSara Fitzgerald is the mother of three children, Jesse, Kate, and Anna. She is very protective of all her kids, espically Kate. Sara puts Kate first, making Anna and Jesse feel very invisible. She is a good mother but sometimes doesn;t realize how some of her actions can affect the others around her. When Anna starts the trail to get her body rights back, Sara is torn between fighting for Kates' life and keeping her daughter from makinig a decision she feels is incorrect. The fmaily is split apart by something so small, making the situation a huge deal. Every parent just wants what is best for their children, but don't always see what their kids know what is best for them..

KateKate was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia when she was just two years old. With that arose the problem of who would be able to donate certain organs to help save her life. Kates' parents made the decision to have another child in hopes that there would be a more genetic match.. From the birth of her sister, Anna, Kate was able to get some of her blood, helping postpone the worst possible situation for the family. Kate went through many struggles in life, including major surgiers. In the end though, she just wanted a normal life, to act like a teenager. Kate was able to go to a Prom like dnace at the hospital with some she cared for, and Jodi was able to capture the voice of someone who had fullfuilled every wish she had.

"'I want to sue them for the rights to my own body'"(Picoult 19).

"I used to pretend that I was just passing through this family on my way to my real one" (Picoult 49).

"... we both tried to pretend we didn't know the truth: that in addition to the piece of me that's always wanted Kate to live, there's another, horrible piece of me that sometimes wishes I were free" (Picoult 391).


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