My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper

Written by: Jodi Picoult

By: Jane Fox

Julia Romano is the child ad litem for Anna Fitzgerald. She has a sister named Izzy, and she used to date Campbell Alexander (Anna'a lawyer.)

PlotThe Introduction describes the characteristics of each character. It also tells us what each family member likes to do and it provides details about Kate's disease. The rising action is when Anna gets Campbell Alexander to be her lawyer so that she has the rights of her own body. This is because her parents don't ask her if she wants to donate parts of her body to Kate, they just tell her to. No one knows why Anna is doing this because she won't tell anyone. Another part of the rising action is when Julia Romano becomes the child ad litem for Anna. This makes it harder to find evidence for Anna's case because Julia and Campbell used to date eachother. In the rising action Anna goes to court to defend her case for the rights of her own body. She ends up winning and fully has the right to make her own medical decisions. The climax of the story is when Brian gets a phone call saying he has to attend work on the highway because there has been an accident. A truck and a small car crashed into eachother because of the harsh weather. But to Brian's surprise, Campbell, Campbells dog and Anna were in the small car. Once they got to the hospital it was to late for Anna. Campbell and his dog were okay, but not Sara and Brian's beloved daughter.The falling action was that Anna died and donated her kidney to Kate. The conclusion of the story is that the Fitzgerald family was devastated that the youngest member of their family was gone forever. But the worst part of Anna's death is that Kate felt responsable. The Fitzgerald family would never be the same.


Julia Romano

Anna Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald

Sara Fitzgerald

Brian Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald is a teenager. But she isn't a normal teenager. She has Leukimia. (Leukimia is cancer in your blood.) Kate is brave, strong and kind.

Sara Fitzgerald is not a normal mom. She has to take care of Anna, Jesse and Kate. Her eyes are usually on Kate though because Kate is the sick kid. Sara Could be a model. She has silky brown hair, and the perfect body. But she also gets scared.

Anna Fitzgerald is 13 years old and she is as thin as a twig. Anna is also brave like her sister, and she is loving.

Brian is the understanding parent. He is the type of person that never chooses sides. He is helpful and kind. These are great features when you are a firefighter. (Which is what he is).

Jesse is the kid that nobody notices, that nobody cares about and that nobody listens to. That is why he gets into drugs, sets houses on fire and gets into trouble. But deep down Jesse has a heart and is scared for his sister's future. Throughout the story Jesse helps his sister Anna when times are tough, and helps his parents when Kate has to go to the hospital.

ConflictThe conflict of the story is man vs circumstance because Kate is fighting cancer, Anna is fighting in court, Jesse is fighting to get noticed, Brian is fighting to help Kate and Anna, and Sara is fighting for Kate and herself. Also Anna has to give her sister a kidney which could change her life forever. If Anna gives her sister a kidney, she could get very sick, never be the same, very fragile, or worst case senario she could die.

ThemeThe theme of this book, is to let go and be happy with your desisions, because when someone in your family is going to die, you need to tell them that you will be okay without them, that you will be taken care of when they are gone and that they can die if they want to, because you don't want them worrying about your future or theirs. They have to know that they will be okay so that they can die in peace and be happy.

Anna (left), Sara (middle), Kate (bottom right).

Jodi Picoult

Anna (right), Kate (middle Jesse (left).

Kate (left), Anna (right).

ResolutionThe solution of the story is that Anna dies in a car accident and donates her kidney to her sister Kate. This desision is made by Campbell Alexander who is the medical power of attorney for Anna. When Anna died, Campbell decided the right thing to do was to give Kate Anna's kidney because the only thing keeping Anna alive was a machine. She was not truly alive and would never be the same.

SettingThe story takes place at the hospital, in the courtroom, and at the Fitzgerald house. The story goes back to the past and sometimes stays in the present.

Campbell Alexander

Campbell is Anna's lawyer. He is prone to seizures and has a dog to help him stay safe from them. Campbell also used to date Julia Romano in Highschool, but broke up with her because of his condition.

About the Author Jodi Lynn Picoult was born May 16 1966. She has written many different books such as: Picture Perfect (1995)Keeping Faith (1999)Plain Truth (2000)Perfect Match (2002)Second Glance (2003)My Sister's Keeper (2004) and many more.She has been married to Timothy Warren Van Leer since 1989, she has 3 children and many pets.

RecommendationsI would recommend this book for people 13 and up because at some parts in the story there is bad language and there are hard words to prenounce. Also the book is long with small font so little kids might not be patient enough to enjoy and finish it.

Jesse Fitzgerald


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