My side of the mountain

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My side of the mountain

My Side of the Mountain

The plot of this book is about the main character, Sam, living in the forests of the Catskill Mountains with his pet falcon, Frightul. The book is in a first person, past tense format. Sam writes about numerous adventures he has while living in the wilderness. Sam writes about the good things of living in the forest and the struggles and how he has the ability to overcome them(Grit). The plot of this this book also includes Sam making friends with some of the other mountaingoers. He makes strong relationships with some of the people he meets while living in the forest.

Plot and Character

Point/Message of the book

The point/message of the book is to keep an open, positive mind and try new things. That doesn't mean go and run off to live in the woods. However, if you do try something new, you may really enjoy it. "You never know unless you try." For example, Sam was sick of living in the city, so he decided to start a new life by living in the wilderness. He faced the hardships head on and overcame them(Grit) with a positive mind.

Grit Excerpt and Discussion


"The deer could forage again. Spring was coming to the land!" Once Sam realizes that spring was coming soon to the Catskills, he realizes he made it through the hardships of the Winter. This required grit because he never doubted himself and kept a positive mind. Sam continues to show a lot of Grit with his actions and thoughts.

The genre of this book falls into the adventure category. The main character has many adventures within the book. The idea of writing this book is inspired by the adventures the author's young life. She too wanted to run away from home just as Sam did, but she returned home very soon. With her insight, the author wrote the novel in the adventure genre

By Jean Craighead George

HookImagine living deep in the wilderness. Alone, inside a tree with nothing but forest for miles around. In my book, My Side of the Mountain, that is the world that Sam Gribley, the main character, lives in.


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