My Side of the Mountain

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by sksf9ae
Last updated 11 years ago

Language Arts


  • s3572vk 11 years ago

    s3572vk's avatar

    i like the video

  • shg7z9p 11 years ago

    shg7z9p's avatar

    Amazing blog, really like the background and the music fit's it perfectly.

  • srkbaen 11 years ago

    srkbaen's avatar

    the background really fits well and i like the way u made the video

  • sctbfsy 11 years ago

    sctbfsy's avatar

    I like your title, it really makes your whole glog shine. Good golden lines. NICE BOOK TRAILER!!!! (:

  • sof6qtv 11 years ago

    sof6qtv's avatar

    Good background and wonderful book trailer!
    Especially, the background matches the tone of the book.

  • sd9vphd 11 years ago

    sd9vphd's avatar

    i like the background and book trailer :)

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