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A c h i l l e s The glorious and powerful ancient city of Pharsalus, the famous Phthia of the Mycenaean period, was the birthplace of the most emblematic of ancient Greek heroes, the Homeric Achilles. Achilles was the son of the king of Phthia Peleus and of the Nereid goddess Thetis, and the grandson of Aiacus. His origins were linked directly to Zeus himself. His mother Thetis tried to make him immortal. In the oldest version of the myth, Thetis placed the child in the Sacred Fire of Hestia, after having him anointed with ambrosia (the food of the Gods) for protection, but Peleus, lurking in the shadows, snatched the child from her hands. In the second version of the myth, Thetis, holding her son by the ankle, plunged him into the deadly, magical waters of the Styx River (the river of Hades), and managed to make him invulnerable and immortal, apart from the area she was holding him, that remained vulnerable and is known, until now, as "Achilles' heel". Peleus, however felt that she wanted to strangle the child and thus sent her away, back into the marine kingdom of her father Nereus. According to a third later local version, Thetis baptized Achilles in the waters of the Sources of Apidanos River that is located at the center of the city of Farsala. Peleus entrusted the upbringing and the education of his son to the centaur Chiron, who lived on Mount Pelion. There Achilles was taught medicine and music primarily, but also the art of war, of hunting and of taming horses. He was even taught the high virtues matching his glorious origins; that means to hold contempt for the worldly goods, to loath the falsehood, to be abstinent and to resist evil passions, as well as the resistance to physical pain. Later, Achilles receives an oracle under which, if he took part in the expedition against Troy, he would live a glorious, but short life; otherwise he would be up for a ripe old age, but living a life in shade and obscurity. Achilles, being the authentic hero has chosen to meet his destiny and clash with it, going to Troy. Before his son's departure Peleus bequeathed to Achilles the weapons that had been offered to him as a wedding gift from the gods, the staff of wood ash, also, that had been donated by the Centaur Chiron, which was so heavy that no mortal could lift it, and the wedding gift of Poseidon, the immortal horses Xanthos and Vallius, who had human speech and were born from an Arpya, the Podagres. Just after the arrival of the Achaeans at Troy, Achilles becomes the dominant person, the protagonist of the Greek camp and the leading hero in battle. On the battlefield the presence of Achilles is catalytic and absolute. It brings countless losses to the opposite camp and is feared by the Trojans. Finally however, during the ninth or early in the tenth year, and as the war around Troy was in full swing, he was enraged by the despotic, and contradictory to military morality Agamemnon's decision to get Achilles' own slave, Brysseis. The wounded pride of Achilles leads him to be withdrawn from any military conflict. At the same time, he asks his mother Thetis, to intercede to the gods to give victory to the Trojans. Exactly this, the wrath, the anger of Achilles against Agamemnon is the core theme of the Homeric epics "Iliad," a poem that has introduced to mankind the great hero of the Greeks, the offspring of the dawn of Greek prehistory and of the land of Pharsalus. The death of his friend Patroclus from the hand of the Trojan prince Hector, leads him inevitably back to the battlefield to get revenge. After a dramatic duel he kills the leader of the Trojan War, the ultimate hero, the prince Hector. Finally, Achilles was killed, just as Thetis predicted, he has fallen before the walls of Troy, hit by an arrow thrown by Paris, in the only mortal spot on his body, the heel.

4th Primary School of Farsala

Farsala is the place where Achilles, son of Thetis lived!

Halvathe local desert of farsala

Country: GreeceAdministrative region: ThessalyRegional unit: Larissa Area • Municipality: 736.0 km2 (284.2 sq mi)Elevation: 160 m (520 ft)Population: 9,337 (2011)Time zone:EET (UTC+2) Postal code:403 00Area code(s)

Welcome to our school . It is located in Farsala Victoros Ougo 1 street!



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