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Bradley Lands

Accomplishments-2013 Apple Distinguished Educator-2013 Google Apps Education Qualified-2012 National Board Certified Teacher-2011 Siemens STEM Institute Fellow-2010 Volunteer teacher in Cusco, Peru, -2007 Graduation Speaker for College of Education @JMUEducationVirginia Tech-2012-Current Education Leadership and Policy (Ed.S.) ProgramJames Madison University-2008 M.A.T.-2003-2007 Middle Education, B.S.-Endorsements in Math & Science 6-8, and CTE K-12 Work ExperienceMary Ellen Henderson Middle SchoolFalls Church City Public Schools-2012-Present Instructional Technology Coach and CTE K-12 District Dept. Head-2011-2012 CTE Teacher-2008-2011 6th Grade Math & Science

"If we teach today's students, as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow" - John Dewey


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