My restaurant rules

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My restaurant rules

3.Type out 2 job advertisements for your cafe.Job title.Nature of the postion eg. full-time, casual or part-time. Skills, qualifications, personality and experience.

List:Name of the cafe.A mission statement.Style of decor.Types of food to be sold.Number of customers it can seat (inside and out).Sketch a layout of the entire cafe, kitchen, front of house and storage.A brief safety plan.Justify your menu choices, using thse headings:Location, style of cafe, time of the day and year, occupation, preferences, age and gender of target market.

Oz Lamb RestaurantBusiness Plan866 Great Northern HighwayLaguna NSW 2259Prepared By Ms Best Oz Lamb RestaurantOz lamb Restaurant is offering traditional bush tucker and old Australian favourites on the menu. Our mission statementOz lamb will be a leading Australian-owned restaurant providing table de hote style service. We committed to providing innovative products that are consumer and lifestyle focused. We aim to exceed our customer expectations on quality, value, service and hygiene.Oz lamb is targeting the family, the budget conscious and pensioners with nightly specials. Oz Lamb restaurant will grow to several, in and around the Sydney, Hunter Valley and Newcastle greater metropolitan area and provide local employment to these areas. This will be achieved by continuing to offer the best prices, in conjunction with an extensive advertising campaign.Also, we will offer condiments and sauces of Australian favourite flavours bottle by us for the public to enjoy at home.Oz Lamb has undertaken extensive surveys with families, customer through telephone and street surveys. The results showed families are looking for bargains, while enjoying satisfying nutritious meals.Your sincerelyManager/OwnerLea-ann Bestposter yourself

1. Watch the DVD 'Daily Cafe Operations' - Day in the Life of a Cafe' and answer the questions. 2. Write a development proposal to the local council outlining the cafe you want to open.

LunchHot and cold beveragesSweetsSpecials/meals deals

4. Design a A4 computer generated menu for your cafe and include the following: cafe name, logo, products and prices.

Develop and produce a recipe from your menu and workflow to produce in the practical.IngredientsMethod UtensilsApron T Towel


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