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My reading timeline

My reading timelineBy Paul LaPorte

I discovered Magic Tree House when I was four, and read the series all the way through over and over again. I even read it to my little brother. They were the first chapter books I've ever read.

As a baby, I loved Pajama Time. My mom would read it to me over and over again. I don't see how it was so appealing today though. I got it burned into my head, I loved it so much.

1-2 yearsold

Narnia was the first long chapter book I've ever read. It was also the first "real" book I've ever read. It was much more complex than Magic Tree House– it had plot twists and betrayals, not just 'then they do this, then they do that...' like the other books I'd read before. I remember the whole first book in the series.

The Lightning Thief was the most thrilling book I had ever read. It was also the longest. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was inspired by it too. Now I am constantly seeking out more of Rick Riordan's books


4 yearsold

7 yearsold

8-9 yearsold


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