[2014] Susan joro: Project

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[2014] Susan joro: Project

By:Cristiano and Susan

Save Our Water

Slogan~The future lies upon our hands~

Did you know that 3.4 million people die from water related disease's each year?Also that 780 million people dont have acesses to clean water?

Did you know that 70-75% of the earth is water? Out of all the water on the eartth only three tenthsof a percent can be used.Did you know the weight that someone loses after and intense physcial workout is not fat it is water.

fun fact•we never know the worth till the wall is dry.•Water dissolves more substances than any liquid, it carries chemicals and nutrients.•By the time someone feels thirsty their body has already lost over 1 percent of its total water amount

Did you know that an American that takes a 5 minute shower uses more ater then an average person gets in a day in a developing country.

When it comes to water we sometime take it for granted because water is normally available to us all the time. But are we really paying attention to how and what we are using the water for? Here are some five ways many of us waste water most commonly. If any of this seems like what you do, then please stop doing it, immediately1. Running water while brushing teeth- you don't need water while you're brushing you're teeth.- all you have to do is wet the toothbrush and turn off the tap.once you are done brushing, you can now open the tap to wash and rinse your mouth and the toothbrush. 2. SprinklersIt's nice having a green lawn, but it is necessarily to turn on the sprinklers for no reason? Not really because then a lot of water get wasted. -Turn on the sprinkler only when required and it should also be adjusted well so that the water doesn’t flow out to the pavement3. Dishwasher-Dishwashers waste a lot of water when it's not full. -to prevent this you can wash your dishes without the use of dishwashers. - but If you are too lazy to wash you're dishes by hand and want to use the dishwasher, then make sure it is completely full before you turn it on.4. Car Wash-car washing can be really hard at times, because sometimes you might not have the money to go to a car watch. Mostly people wash there cars at home, but neither do they know that they are wasting water, by leaving the hose running. There are some ways that you can wash you're car and save water at the same time such as - if you have a lawn, Wash your car on it -Use a bucket of water- and and only turning on the hose for the final rinse, and not leaving it running.- therefore, Your car will be clean, your lawn will be fed, and by doing this you did not wast any water. 5. ShoweringNormally when people take showers they leave the water running, It really wastes an unnecessary amount of water. - taking a bath is better because, when you are done bathing, then all you have to do is just rinse your self of instead of wasting water.

Did you know that when someone feels thristy they have alreayd lost 1% of their total water amount?Did you know that pure water has no smell,colour or taste.

Did you know that water is made up of two hydrogen and one oxegyen Water also has three different forms: solid, liquid and gas.

Facts•Every 20 second, a child dies from a water related disease.•In a year about 4 million people die from water related diseases.•Half of the schools around the world don’t have access to water.•The human body is made up of 70-75% of water.•Many people in developing countries get drinking water from lakes, and rivers.



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