My problem of practice

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My problem of practice

Student's will run a variety of medical laboratory test and a dissection to help with their diagnosis

Cooperative learning groups (think tanks) will act as a peer learning tool for students before suggesting answers and posing questions for their individual laboratory notebook writings.

My Problem of Practice- The Experiment

A. The Project Outline 1. Case study informational background with cat dissection background2. General information on disease 3. Diagnostic testing for clinical signs (x-rays, ultrasound, sonographs and dissection for student hands on animal evaluation activities)

The Goals4. Final case study analysis5. Written Public Service Announcement to the CDC with information on how to limit exposure from the discovered disease (Toxoplasmosis).

C. EquipmentWhat the students use

B. Methods How did students learn?

Student's final: A PSA to the CDC regarding the disease and its implications

E. The ResultsPassing on what they know and why

D. Student's Prediction's What the student's think

The Classroom

Radiology Tools

The Creative Mind


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