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Digital Storytelling

We use presentations because we want to transfer information to other people easily.They are a good way to learn a little about some topics and to provide information.It is always important to write only the relevant things because your presentations can't be boring, because on that way you won't provide information.

Presentations are used to give the basic information while you are making conferences or whatever.



Why ?

To make a presentation you have to follow some stetic rules. For example, you can't write all your text on a presentation.Make sure that everyting is well seen and understood clearly and of course, everything has to make sense.


It is always useful to use presentations. They can be a good support and will help you to remember important facts.

To make good presentations, apart from following the stetict rules you have to follow some steps too:Make sure you have a good start that sumerizes your topic and everything you want to say.And of course, a good ending with a good conclusion that makes stronger your point of view




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