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My Portfolio

Name: Morgan HarrelsonDate: November 17, 2015Address: 108 Quail Trail Telephone Number:(334)464-1791Birthdate: March 26, 2002Nationality: WhiteAge: 13Birthplace: Dothan, AlabamaExperience in Workfield: N/A

My Portfolio

I am currently in my ninth year of education and I plan on having at least seventeen years of education by the time I graduate college to use my academics and knowledge in the real world. After college I plan on becoming a veterinarian to help troubled animals.

Hobbies: I highly enjoy playing sports during my free time. I also enjoy watching One tree Hill on netflix..

I am currently in my second year of National Junior Beta Club and get my education from advanced academic classrooms. At my current school, Dauphin Junior High, I am on the eighth grade volleyball team, girls basketball team, and I also play varsity soccer at my local high school.

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