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My Pet Dinosaur

The Triceratops skull was discovered in Buck Creek, Wyoming in 1888 by John Bell Hatcher, though it was first discovered in Denver, Colorado. Triceratops is derived from the Greek words "Tri" (three), "Ceras" (horn), and "Ops" (face) because of the three horns on the Triceratops' head. The Triceratops' fed only on plants, making them herbavores. The Triceratops is believed to be a herd animal, living in large social groups.

Period: Late CretaceousAge: 68 - 66 Million YearsLength: 29.53 FeetHeight: 9.84 FeetWeight: 13,227.74 PoundsDiet: Herbavore

The Facts

My Pet Dinosaur


The Cretaceous Period was the last and longest period of the Mesozoic Era. The Late Cretaceous period took place 85 - 65 million years ago. The land was covered in forests and surrounded by shallow seas. During the period, the continents were taking their modern-day form.

Late Cretaceous

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Would a Triceratops Make a Good Pet?Yes.This is because it can easily be fed on grass and other plants, and can live in a nice wooded area with a large barn as an enclosure.The only reason why a Triceratops would not make a good pet is the fact that it is social, so I would need to own more than one.




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