Laser Hair Removal – Medications and ailment

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Laser Hair Removal – Medications and ailment

Laser Hair Removal – Medications and ailments

What medications, cosmetics or procedures have an impact on laser hair removal treatment? Do not use Retin A cream, glycolic or salicylic acid products, benzyl peroxide, chemical peels or any other skin irritant 3-5 days ahead of the treatment. Do not use any kind of chemical depilatory cream (contains sodium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate), even by mistake. They cause skin exfoliation and could worsen the skin that is going to be sore with the laser treatment or is already sore after the laser treatment! Do not perform plucking or waxing and even shaving! Besides irritating the skin, all among the said procedures may lead to ingrown hair and subsequent infection. But most importantly, plucking and waxing root out the hair and hair (melanin) is needed to absorb laser energy… Is Laser Hair Removal safe and effective for women with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? Laser Hair removal company – has mentioned that patients with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome are the real people in need of hair removal due to physiological effects of PCOS, manifesting in the form of excessive hair growth. So, treatment with laser hair removal might look like a natural option for clients with PCOS. The good news is… there is no medical evidence until now, contradicting the use of laser for hair removal in patients with poly-cystic ovaries. However, the results of laser therapy for hair removal in such patients could be greatly improved by effective control of hormonal imbalances, leading to excessive hair growth. Utilize laser hair removal as supportive treatment, but please do not forget to address the condition medically. Go here for more details on laser hair removal in polycystic ovarian syndrome (my answer to a visitor's query). To summarize, laser hair removal can safely be used in women with polycystic disease of ovaries. Is it practical and safe to attempt laser therapy at home? Like everything else there are companies manufacturing laser devices for home use. Now the question that arises is, "How effective and safe are the home laser hair removal devices?" The safety and efficacy could be questionable like everything else either! Why? Because after all laser hair removal is a bit of art and a bit of science. I guess it’s the same as if one had purchased a scissor, s/he cannot declare that s/he can cut her own hair at home, just by the virtue of possessing the tool. [ * Conditions Apply :-) ] Although, if you have researched the subject thoroughly and are willing to remove your hair on your own, then there are a few name brand companies like Bareskin and Silk'n, which manufacture home laser hair removal devices. One caveat though! There a lot many manufacturers budding on home laser scene. So, your best bet is to look for FDA approval rather than going for the latest.