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My Personal Reading Timeline

Amelia Bedelia was the first book I remember reading to my parents before I started elementary school. Everynight my mom would let me pick out a book we got from the library and I would read it to my mom or dad. The Amelia Bedelia series was my all time favorite because I loved how clumsy and crazy she was. I always thought she was so careless and forgetful as a child but now that I have grown up a bit, I have to say Im more like her than I would have ever thought.

My Personal Reading Timeline

The Magic Tree House series played a huge role in my life during elementary school. There were all sorts of books in the library at Helena but these books stuck out the most and were so much fun to read. I read the entire series before I left Helena and I enjoyed every second on it

James and the Giant Peach was the last book I read in 4th grade. I loved reading the the crazyness and the hectic life James had and never wanted this book to end. The book gave me a bigger imagination that I ever had.

The book Poppy gave me a lot of emotions during 5th grade. I remember actually crying with Ragweed died because of Mr. Ocax. I never wanted this book to end and when it did, I had to reread it because I loved it so much. I remember my teacher giving this book to us and all the students hated it until she started reading it to us. We were sucked in and we all loved it by the time we finished it. We even asked her after we were done reading it, if we could read the rest of the series.

The Lightning Thief was given to us in 6th grade but I have already read it in 5th. I loved this book because I am such a huge fan of the Greek gods and goddess. Rereading this book gave me such a big imagination for middle school.

The Mortal Instruments series is probably my recent favorite. I have read the entire series and I can honestly say that I would reread it in a heartbeat. The demons they fight, how they get runes, and each of their backstories made me not want the book to ever end. This series also got me through a rough patch in my life, when I read this I could escape and forget everything and read about Clary and Jace.

The only reason I love the the manga series of Kingdom Hearts was because I grew up with the game.

How to Kill a Mockingbird is in the top 3 of my most favorite books. At first I will be honest, I hated the book, but once I got a better understanding of what was going on, I loved it. I even reread it to get every detail and everything that was going on in the book. I feel that the only reason I ever hated it was because of the work that came with it and I could never keep up. But with that work I understand everything and the movie helped me too.

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