My Path project

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by owencoy
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My Path project

I want to work at nasa. I want to go to MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Picture is on the right. The reason I want to work at nasa is because I heard that a lot of smart and great people. I want to go there also because Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to go to the moon that's who inspired me to work at nasa. My cousin wants to be an astronaut and work with me there. I see my self in twenty years working at nasa. What inspired me to do this is when I was little I built a tiny rocket ship out of Legos and I thought that I could work at nasa. In junior high I will work hard to get good grades in science and all other subjects. To go to MIT it will cost 172,000 dollars. As a backup path I will be in a soccer club.A NASA engineer will get paid 60,000-142,722. A soccer player in the mls gets paid 148,698.26 but goalies get paid 85,000 dollars a year. I will keep connected to God by praying each day either before work or before a game.

My Path Project

The high school I will go to is Redlands high school. I will play for the terriers. I love soccer and space technology.

By Owen Coy


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