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My Pandora Project

"Hip-hop isn't just music but a cultural movement that has influenced everything from slang to fashion to politics." The prime instrument in hip-hop is drums or bass. Hip-hop and rap often get paired in to be the same when rap is actually a sub-category in hip-hop.Hip-hop really isn't something I enjoy. The electronic feel now-a-days is overused and the older stuff bores me.Roxanne's Revenge:

Rock comes in many different images and inspires in many diverse ways. It has blended people together and made a big impact in music. I like certain styles and sounds of rock while I also hate certain sounds and styles of rock. Glam rock and funk rock I can definitely live without. Johnny B Goode:

The blues tell vague stories of the sad, the happy, and the hardships of life through a variety of styles. There is urban blues, rural blues, delta blues, electric blues, Chicago blues, and Detroit blues.I really like the emotional side to songs of the blues. Down from the Bottom:

Folk is more about the performer than the composer. "Folk has an informal style."I'm not crazy about this style of music but it reminds me of my grandfather, making it easy to like.Going Up on the Mountain:







Jazz's fast tempo and rowdy style contains a variety of different styles and instruments within the genre. There's ragtime, swing, bebop, cool, New Orleans jazz, hard bop, free jazz, jazz fusion, latin jazz, and contemporary(smooth) jazz.Jazz is interesting, exciting, and entertaining. I love jazz.The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady:

Tin Pan Alley was "named for the constant sound of new compositions being hammered out on pianos up and down the street."Some of the most successful songwriters from the alley are George M. Cohan, Irving Berlin, Hoagy Carmichael, and George Gershwin.Musical Theater is fascinating and very entertaining. There is a vast selection that it's impossible for me to not like something that came out of it.Rhapsody in Blue:

"Country songs tend to be very simple, plain-spoken, and direct."The three indefinite instruments are the fiddle, mandolin, and banjo.I can consider listening to modern country but I hate traditional country music. It's very repetitive and endlessly annoys me.Little Old Cabin in the Lane:

"Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything." - Plato

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The music revived the classical ideas and forms with a more sophisticated sound in comparison to earlier music.Renaissance music interested me but I don't think I would listen to it often. The mesh of operatic voices and piano grew repetitive.

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My Pandora Project

An Italian composer of the time was Antino Vivaldi, who captured the sound of the seasons. ""Baroque," from the Portuguese word barocco, actually means "deformed pearl.""Baroque historical meaning fascinates me.The Four Seasons(spring excerpt):



There is more of a simplified balance structure to the classical period then baroque.The variation in contrasts of the orchestra interested me. Although there wasn't much else of interest, I can't say dislike the classical period.Symphony No.94-The Surprise:

Musical Theater

The lute was a go-to instrument to accompany singing in Middle Age era of music. Middle Age music inspired musical acts such as English ballads, progressive rock, Broadway shows, and a plethora of classical work. This era of music didn't really interest me nor entertain me. I grew bored listening to it. Hildegard von Bingen - Ave generosa:

Classical Period

Middle Age

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