My Online Self

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My Online Self

MyOnline Self

Fill in the Vocabulary Terms below on your worksheet.

Key Vocabulary

1. Identity: All the factors that make up who you are 2. Online Profile: An informal online summary of who you are

Questions for Dicussion:3. What are some things that you think make up someone's idenity? (ex. race, gender, etc.)4. What are some aspects of YOUR idenity? 5. Do you think your online idenity is the same or different that your idenity online? Explain.6. How can expressing yourself online be helpful to creating your idenity? How could it be harmful? (Ex. A shy student can be more social)

Watch the video to answer questions #11-14 on your worksheet.

Watch the video to answe questions # 7-10 on your worksheet.

Find a partner: Please complete the "Online and Offline Me" & "Partner Profile" worksheets included in your packet.



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