My Odyssey - Brittany Coffman

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My Odyssey - Brittany Coffman

My Odyssey

The Lotus Eaters, the Cyclops, the Prophet Tierisias, and the Sirens

In the Odyssey, the cyclops Polyphemus was a massive adversary, seemingly impossible to beat, yet in the end Odysseus outsmarted him. There are many variables in my life preventing me from reaching my goal, like money or my responsibilities. I have to realize, like Odysseus, that nothing is too powerful to overcome, and I just have to find a clever way to outwit those obstacles.

The Lotus Eaters in the Odyssey were distractions, unwittingly preventing the men from accomplishing their goal. In my life, interference can come from others and myself. Oftentimes my goals must align with my family's goals, traveling or not. Friends can hold me back, they would miss me, or they would want to join me. I need to both save money for and work to gain this oppurtunity, and if I don't think about these things I am unknowingly harming my ability to accomplish my goal.

The Lotus Eaters

In the Odyssey, the Prophet Tierisias supplied the guidance and instruction that Odysseus needed to complete his journey. I seek guidance and encouragement from my parents, my teachers, and people in the world that inspire me. I don't know the future, like Tieresias, but with the help of people I admire and depend on I can work hopefully and dilligently for my ideal outcome.

The Sirens in the Odyssey were purposely distracting and harmful to those that can hear them. They are represented in my life by people who will give me "better" offers than traveling through Europe. There are those who would beguilingly trade me for the oppurtunity. I need to stay focused on my goal and refuse to let other people's biased opinions and emotions distract me.

My goal is to have the oppurtunity to travel throughout Europe with my friends and/or family.

The Cyclops



The Prophet Tierisias

The Sirens



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