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My Nutrition

Seasonal foodsWinter: Spring: Summer: Fall:Squash Cherries Mangoes ApplesKale Lettuce Cucumbers BroccoliKiwis Peas Advocados EggplantMandarins Strawberries Chickpeas CranberriesPotatoes Lemons Watermelon Grapes

Facts of Healthy Eating Controls weightImproves moodCombats diseasesBoosts energyImproves longevity



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Is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Testing Data

Conclusion The hypothesis for my case study was supported because when I eat foods with good nutrients and protein, I feel better and my brain functions better. When I ate a good breakfast, I felt strong and was able to get a higher score on my memory game and fact recall. If I ate a nutritious dinner, for example, steak or salad, I felt good and had a better goodnight sleep. My problem was, “Can I improve my brain health if I eat good nutrients like oatmeal, salads, protein, fruits, veggies, etc? I can improve my brain health if I eat good nutrients because my memory data shows that when I ate a strong breakfast, I did better on my fact recall and test than the other days that I didn’t really eat so well. I made an error on the daily data because I only put what breakfast and dinner I ate and the amount of protein I got. I should’ve put quantitative and qualitative data. Next time, I will make sure to take my quantitative and qualitative notes so that I can have a strong data table. I would like to further research on how much protein teens should get daily and how their body reacts to it.

My analysisMy fact recall data got off a little bit because on test #1 I had a 25. Then, on test #2 I got a 20. And today i got an 18. Also, my memory test data started out fine because i kept improving and getting higher, but it looks like i got stuck on level 9 on test #4 and 5. On my daily data, it looks like each day i was getting different amounts of protein but still reached my goal of getting 30 grams of protein for most days. My daily data connects to my testing data because they both show a little bit of improvement by how much i eat protein and the amount of answers i got. They both started with a higher number too. I think that i can try to get at least 40 grams of protein daily and level 12 on the memory test.

Case studyProblem: Can I improve my brain health if I eat foods with good nutrients like oatmeal, salads, protein, fruits, veggies, etc?Research:*Green veggies, berries and other plant foods reduce the risk of disease, whereas animal products and processed foods increase risk*The brain needs nutritious foods and the higher quality, the better.*Research shows that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will benefit your brain and body.



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