My night out in 1950s

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My night out in 1950s

My night out with the gang started here, and the ol' pop n' candy shop. It was a pretty cool place for us to hang out, though at times we've had a few times where there was some sort of stealing involved. Us folks hang out at night instead of in the daytime, it's better for us to get things done, if you know what I mean.

My Night Out in the 1950'sBy: Alexus T.Haynes

After taking a little stroll through the candy palor, we head on down the nearest burger place in town. The place is pretty well kept and almost always clean, possibly the only cleanest place around here. Every teen is out here at night, either dancing, hanging out, or just grabbing a bite. Yeah, night life is pretty fun.

After a pretty eventful day, everyone started getting exhausted, and so we headed back to my place to relax and possibly pass out in the living room. Besides, I don't feel up to making all those stops to drop them off. Eh, well that brings you to the end of my night out with my friends. Here are some of the tunes we listened to all the while!

After filling our stomachs to the brim, we decided to head out to catch a movie. Of course, I was the one to drive since the others couldn't be bothered it seemed. We watched "Bus Stop", which happened to feature Marilyn Monroe. The movie seemed to be alright for the others, but it seemed kinda boring to me after the first few minutes. But overall, everyone had a good time.

Jailhouse Rock

Tutti Frutti

Hound Dog


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