My next Holidays

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My next Holidays


Student #1: Responsible for searching and editing information about the trip (transports, accomodation, visits, ...)


#1 - I can only spend 1.500 euros altogether (transports, accomodation, meals, visits, trips ...)#2 - My trip should last at least 5 days#3 - I like walking and visiting historical places but I also want to get a nice suntan#4 - I like to be in contact with nature#5 - I'd like to try a radical sport#6 - I'd like a nice app to share my holidays (photos, videos, ..) with my friends

You should also write a short text explaining why the place you've chosen is the best one for my next holidays

My next Holidays

Be aware that ...

Groups of 4 studentsAll 4 students are responsible to choose a place.All 4 students should give a particular reason to visit the place chosen.


Searching for a holiday destination: Try this siteFollow your teacher's instructions to log in on BITESLIDE (watch a tutorial here)


A nice presentation on BITESLIDE with photos/videos and short comments about the place(s) I can visit if I choose your destination.

Student #3: Responsible for the itinerary and the final budget

Student #2: Responsible for searching and editing photos, videos and short comments on them

Student #4: Responsible for reviewing and editing content on BITESLIDE

Make sure you understand the Criteria and the Assessment scales the teacher shows you



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