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My Newspaper Project


By Imagine Dragons

"How the MURDER of Four Teens Started a WAR" by Patricia SmithA.) One similarity between this article and song is that they are both about how death comes so quickly. Anyone could die and there would be no warning. A difference is that in this song, she chooses to do this to herself, whereas in the article, four teens were murdered by Israelis and could not do anything to stop it.B.) This song relates to my life, becasue it enourages me to not fall prey to peer pressure. It doesn't necessarily mean death, but it could also apply to daily life. Everyone, at one point in their lives, has been pressured into doing something that they didn't want to do. Many times, that peer doesn't even mean it in a negative way. This song motivates me to believe in what I think is right.C.) This song could relate to the world as a whole, because death comes very fast and there is no way we can stop it. Either it is of your own will or someone takes your life into their own hands, but nonetheless, we do not appreciate life enough until it is gone. We take things like this for granted. I hear people saying things like "yolo" and I understand the concept of living life to its fullest, but because life is so short, we must cherish it as much as we possibly can.

Looking at the articles, what can you say about the world around you? Should young people read the news? Why or why not? What have you gained from reading the news this semester?After reading plenty of articles almost every week, I can say that there is much more going on in the world than we think. We are so involved in school, social media, and extracurriculars that we don't think about reading the news at all. We may occasionally hear something from teachers or friends, but otherwise, we don't know much. The world has a lot more chaos but also good news that we do not know about, and I think it is important for us to be involved in such things. Teenagers should read the news, because since we don't do much currently for our community, the least we could do is know what is going on outside our own little bubble. The news educates us, so when we actually go out into the real world, we aren't completely lost. Articles also help us develop our literary techniaues; we could implement them into our writing to make us better readers/writers. I've actually quite enjoyed reading many articles, because I don't read the news. I like to watch videos of people on YouTube discussing the news, so i could listen to their opinions on the topic, and then decide for myself what my opinion is.

I'm waking up to ash and dustI wipe my brow and I sweat my rustI'm breathing in the chemicalsThis is it, the apocalypseI'm waking up, I feel it in my bonesEnough to make my systems blowWelcome to the new age, to the new ageWhoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactiveI raise my flags, don my clothesIt's a revolution, I supposeWe'll paint it red to fit right in

Letter to the Editor

2.) "Marijuana: Breaking Down the Buzz"Dear Editor, I have read your article not so long ago, and I have written this letter in order to clarify the questions that I have. I hope you consider my position on this serious matter, and get back to me when you are available. I agree with your introduction very much, because many people are unsure of how safe marijuana actually is, since there are opposing sides. Also, starting off your article with the topic of tobacco is a very good technique. It allows readers to relate to something that we know very much about, and has been around for nearly thousands of years, setting up a foundation for your argument. One paragraph stated that "...smoking could cause lung cancer. In spite of this...nearly half of adults in the United States smoked" (par.3). This implies how people just don't learn. Generation after generation, we continue to harm our bodies with chemicals and slowly, we get addicted. This would let readers know that you believe people don't learn when it comes to marijuana, just like how they are with tobacco. Generally, you are implying throughout the article that marijuana should not be used, especially for teenagers, and that it should not be legalized because of its harmful effects. I agree with you that marijuana has many risks, but you are too focused on one part of the picture. Your article only states the negative side of marijuana, and doesn’t consider both sides. I understand that you want readers to agree with you, however, all they are going to do is research the positive effects of marijuana, since you have obviously not listed any of them. We need to allow readers the choice of whether it really is harmful or not. The issue is that people need to be aware of all of the facts, because there are many positives such as being able to stop the spread of HIV in monkeys, it contains THC, and can also slow the spread of cancer. It is up to the reader whether they think marijuana is overall “good” or “bad”, since everything has it’s pros and cons.


My Newspaper ProjectBy Tiffany Vo

Russian Roulette by Rihanna


A.) One difference between "The Battle For Hong Kong" and this song is that the article includes one person who is leading everyone, whereas these lyrics imply that everyone dreams of a new age but they have no leader. A similarity is the topic of the song. They both look forward to a revolution, because they don't like the government's ways. Both of them describe the ways of the world while the government was in control, and then slowly transition into their hopes for the future. Another difference is that the people in the article are actually taking action and rebelling, but it seems that people aren't doing much in this song besides hoping that something will change.B.) This song relates to my life, because it encourages me to stand up for myself and follow what I believe is right. It tells me that I should do something about the chaos in my life, but not what to do. This is important, because the song wants teenagers specifically, since this is a modern song, to decide for themselves what they are going to do. Just telling the audience straight out how they should deal with the conflict wouldn't allow them to think for themselves.C.) "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons connects to the world as a whole, because many populations are struggling to fight for democracy. For example, Hong Kong, one of the topics of the article I discussed, consists of people who are tired of being puppets. The government forced them to follow their laws. People believed that their freedom would be taken away by the control of the government. Those citizens want a democracy, where they can freely discuss matters and every single person would have a say.

As my life flashes before my eyesI'm wondering will I ever see another sunrise?So many won't get the chance to say goodbyeBut it's too late to think of the value of my lifeAnd you can see my heart beatingOh, you can see it through my chestThat I'm terrified, but I'm not leaving, noI know that I must pass this test

3.) “Infant kidnapped, dumped, her parents shot: 'There are no words'”January 4, 2015; SundaySubject: Attempted murder, First/ second degree murder, KidnappingCase: Baby found dead inside trash bin; mother, father, and uncle shotSuspect: adult male; no other information On Sunday, my fellow police officers and I investigated a infant’s body inside a plastic bag that was near the freeway of the Mexican border towards the south. Nothing else is known about the case, but both of the victim’s parents and uncle were shot, however, they are in stable condition. Many close friends and relatives have been grieving about the loss of such a child, only three weeks old when she had passed away. We urge anyone who has any information about this case to call the Long Beach Police Department Communications Center, and people can even call anonymously. This was one of the cases that would be forever unforgettable. We don’t get many cases like this, where an innocent child was harmed. She had done nothing wrong at her age, and she had such a long life ahead of her; her life was taken away in just a matter of seconds, just like that. Honestly, it’s hard for officers like me to deal with these cases, because we have to tell the relatives/friends the news, and it’s heartbreaking. People forget that we also have feelings, but we just have to get over it because there are many more cases to come. Sometimes I can’t stand it, and I want to quit but I have to understand that we serve justice for the families of victims. Without our investigations, no one would be able to rest in peace. This case particularly was hard to deal with. The entire community had lit candles and carved the infant’s name into a tree, and they were all grieving for the loss of Eliza. I felt a lot of sympathy and compassion for them, because even though I wasn’t directly involved, I was near those people and felt their sorrow. It is what makes us human, makes us moral, makes us sincere. We are careful around ones who have grieved. For example, we can’t easily talk about death like it’s nothing in front of someone who had a loved one pass away. I felt sorrow for those people, especially the parents and uncle who seemed to be so close to the child. At the time of the crime, Eliza’s parents and uncle were with her, proving that they had a close relationship. I knew in my gut that they had gotten shot while trying to protect their child. I felt the most sorrow for the child, because she was killed for no reason at all. We don’t know much, so all we could do was hypothesize. The family could have done something to the suspect to make him commit that crime, and the baby ended up being affected by it. Also, it could’ve just been simple hate for that family, or even jealousy. It makes people do awful and immoral things. With the help of my fellow policemen and investigators, we plan to solve this case as soon as we possibly can. We would normally solve this case as if it was any other case, but in my heart, I feel the obligation to help this family and their friends out. I do not want them to suffer any longer, even though I know that this will affect them their entire lives. I can only hope that Eliza will rest in peace.


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    Anna Lou

    I like how you mentioned that people should be able to think for themselves instead of just being told what to do, which happens far too often.

    You mentioned that most young people today are too involved in social media and extracurriculars and school to be able to learn about current events, but doesn't social media offer news? Most people also learn about current events from social media - it's hard to be on social media without a current event being mentioned.